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Sprinkler Guns

WGT50: 2" Vertical Rocker Type Irrigation Spray Gun

Big Rain Gun Sprinkler, 2" Impact Water Sprinkler, Vertical Rocker Type Irrigation Spray Gun, 360° Large-Area Watering Spray, for Farms, Orchards, Industrial (Size : Angle 43) Working pressure: 3-8bar Water Flow:63.3 m³/h Range:31-53 m

WGT30B: 1-1/4"Impact Mini-Gun Sprinkler

Aluminum alloy base, copper water inlet, aluminum alloy swing arm, 10 pieces per piece
1.5-inch internal thread interface, rotation angle: 0-360 degrees (controllable)
Nozzle: 10-12-14-16-18mm, 5 pieces
Flow: 5-25m³/h; Pressure: 2-6bar, Range: 18-36m spray

WGT40: 1.5" Gear Drive Type Irrigation Spray Gun

1.5-inch internal thread interface, worm gear drive, 24-degree elevation angle
Rotation angle: 0-360 degrees (controllable)
12-14-16-18-20-22mm, 6 pcs
Flow: 10-37m³/h; Pressure: 0.2-0.5MPa; Range: 22-41m

WG40-43: 2"Impact Mini-Gun Sprinkler

Copper base, stainless steel water inlet, swing arm with shock absorber, 5 pieces per piece
2-inch internal thread interface, elevation angle 43 degrees, rotation angle: 0-360 degrees (controllable)
14-16-18-20-22mm, 5 pieces (choose one of 5 aluminum alloy nozzles, default 18mm)
Flow: 17-52m³/h; Pressure: 0.3-0.8MPa
Range: 26-55m, shooting height 15-34m

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