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Feed Pellet machines

This machine is mainly suitable for rabbits,fish, ducks, chickens, shrimps, pigs, deer, cattle, sheep and industry, such as organic fertilizer granules, sawdust particles,etc.

Flat Drip Tape

Our drip tapes are with wgtechno quality at the best prices.
Thickness: 7 and 8 microns.
dripper distance options: 10-20-25-30 cm.
Amount of dripping water: 1-1.4-1.6-1.8 liters per hour.
Roll length: 500-1000-2500 meters

Greenhouse covers

Everything needed for greenhouse installation is at wgtechno

Micro Spray Tape

PE micro spray tape irrigation system is the easiest and cheapest way for farm irrigation. Easy installation, easy maintenance, low cost, no plug, easy process, low water pressure, low energy consumption.

PE Pipes

Our HDPE polyethylene pipes are available in a range of diameters, pressure ratings and sizes, from 16mm to 160mm, and pressure classes PN4 to PN32.

Plastic sprinklers

Our plastic sprinklers are available in various models with irrigation lengths ranging from 4 to 28 meters. Click for the models we offer for different needs.

Remote controlled sprayer

Remote controlled grass cutting machine. gasoline and electric hybrid model. Click for models in different sizes.


Grafted and usual vegetable seedlings produced by company Mza Chitili

Smart irrigation controllers

We know that overwatering your plants is just as bad as under watering them. That's why WGTechno has developed smart irrigation controllers that are perfect for busy homeowners and gardening enthusiasts alike. With our controllers, you can easily schedule and adjust your watering system from your phone without ever having to leave your home.

Solar Street lights

Lamps of different sizes that charge themselves with solar energy. Can be controlled by remote control. With motion sensor and light-emitting feature when moving

Water Pumps

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