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WGT50: 2" Vertical Rocker Type Irrigation Spray Gun

Big Rain Gun Sprinkler, 2" Impact Water Sprinkler, Vertical Rocker Type Irrigation Spray Gun, 360° Large-Area Watering Spray, for Farms, Orchards, Industrial (Size : Angle 43) Working pressure: 3-8bar Water Flow:63.3 m³/h Range:31-53 m

  • ❤ Big Rain Gun Sprinkler: Type irrigation spray gun with dual rocker arm, the vertical rocker arm is equipped with two-way deflector, through the water flow to the two-way deflector in different directions, so as to achieve positive and negative Can be sprayed normally continuous spraying.

  • ❤ 360° Slow Speed Rotation: Spray angle adjustable, gun design allows larger watering range and more effective irrigation. Spray radius: 26-60 meters, Bore size: 2" Inner Flange Connector, Spray Angle: 24 or 43 degree.

  • ❤ High Quality Material: Large Area Watering Spray Gun Sprinkler ,High quality zinc alloy material and reinforced sealing structure are adopted, dustproof, efficient and long service life.

  • ❤ Easy to use: The rotating mechanism of the Vertical Rocker Irrigation Spray Guns is a unique flat bearing type with a brake friction pair, the injection process is completely automatic and stable rotary jet, without human intervention.

  • ❤ Wide Application: Irrigation sprinklers are mainly used for large-scale agricultural sprinkler irrigation in farms, lawns, greening, gardens and other large-scale gardening sprinkler irrigation, and can also be used for mines, dust removal, cooling, and urban greening.

The agricultural Sprinklers Irrigation Garden High Pressure Power Sprinkler Gun Water Spray Gun directly drives the sprinkler to rotate by using the reaction force of the water tongue to the sprinkler. Its rotating mechanism includes a vertical swinging rocker arm, a reverse shovel and a counterweight. The reaction shovel generates a horizontal tangential component force and a vertical downward component force under the impact of the water tongue.

The horizontal tangential component force makes the spray body rotate at a certain angle, and the vertical downward component force makes the reaction shovel swing downward and leave The water tongue is lifted, and the balance weight behind is lifted to temporarily stop the impact of the water tongue on the reaction shovel. When the kinetic energy of the rocker arm is completely converted into the potential energy of the counterweight, under the action of the counterweight, the reaction shovel starts to move upward again, and quickly cuts into the water tongue to enter the second cycle, so that the nozzle reacts intermittently. Under the action of the force, it rotates intermittently over and over again. No spray dead angle from 0 meters to the farthest radius; slow and stable rotation; equipped with double arm drive and patented key double drive mechanism; sealed bearing, no need for relubrication for life; spray gun nozzle material is titanium aluminum alloy, long life; unique The unique rifling design ensures the stability of spraying; it has complete supporting products; the spray gun can spray at any angle within 0-360 degrees.

Product features:
1. Fully automatic slow-speed rotating mechanical device ensures the high uniformity of dust area.
2. Larger water inlet diameter greatly improves the spraying intensity.
3. Special driving power design, atomizing dust removal effect is good.
4. Special materials and reinforced sealing structure are adopted for longer service life.
5. Unimpeded dc transmission device design, spraying dust in windy weather is also excellent.
6. Full circle or fan-shaped spraying can meet the requirements of various spraying operations.
7. Multiple orifices are selected to adapt to the changing requirements of dust field.

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