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shadow net for a cozy garden

Shading Net

At WGTechno, we understand the importance of sun protection and the discomfort that comes with exposure to direct sunlight. That’s why we offer a wide range of shade nets for private and industrial use. Our selection includes various types of fabrics that provide superior protection against the sun's harmful rays while also allowing for air flow. We also offer add-ons such as tie-downs and anchors to ensure that your shade net stays secure. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to place an order and get started on your sun protection journey.

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green color shading net used for greenhouse shading
monofilament shading net structural details
Monofilament Shade nets
Product Types
  • 45% density

  • ​70% density


With its UV additive, special raw material composition and weaving feature, it is durable, can be used for many years and is economical.

It is designed to increase productivity in the agriculture and livestock sectors.

Usage areas :

Greenhouses, (tomato, cucumber, pepper, etc.) Landscape areas

 Nurseries Flower production facilities

 Other various gardens Fields (lettuce, watermelon.etc)

 Livestock enterprises and shelters (cattle, sheep and livestock farming) Ornamental plant production facilities

It is used in areas such as.


It provides equal shading over the shading area and provides protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

 It allows healthy air conditioning of the shaded area.

 It reduces the evaporation of irrigation in used areas.

 It extends the life of greenhouse nylons and other agricultural equipment under shading in greenhouses.

 It protects the shading area from environmental factors such as dew, frost and dust.

 It protects agricultural products against birds and harmful insects.

 While it provides shading of the area on which it is drawn, it also provides the necessary air circulation with its porous texture.

 It is tear resistant.

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