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White Polyester Felt
It is a durable, flexible, easy-to-apply nonwoven structure formed as a result of mechanical bonding of synthetic fibers by needling method.

Since it consists of synthetic fibers, it provides maximum resistance against decay.
It is resistant to damage that may occur during application.
It can be used as a separation material between different floors.
It provides excellent permeability thanks to its filtration feature.
Thanks to its synthetic structure, it is resistant to decay, bacteria, acids, alkalis and moisture. It is not affected by sea water, mold and rust.
It ensures the protection of thermal insulation materials.
It is easy to apply. It does not cause any harm to human health during and after application.
usage areas
As a building pressure spreading layer in foundations,
In order to prevent collapses and disruptions in transportation (roads, airports and railways),
In the drainage, it is wrapped around the pipes to prevent clogging (It does not pass materials such as soil, clay, etc. into the drainage pipe).
In order to prevent the collapse of dams and erosion in dams, ponds and water channels,
In order to protect water and heat insulation materials used on roofs and floors,
Under artificial leather used in the furniture industry,
And it is used in the shoe industry.

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