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Founder of WGTechno
Erhan Zorlu

Meet Our Founders

WGTechno was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2010. Erhan Zorlu and Gocha Gvinisahvili are the owners of the company. WGTechno branded products are produced in Georgia, Turkey and China. Electronic and plastic products should be produced in different countries in terms of quality, price and logistics features. The advantage we gain in this way is to offer high quality products to the user at low prices. Both our dealers and their customers are increasing with the win-win principle and WGTechno is fulfilling its mission to become a world brand.

Since our founding, WGTechno has been at the forefront of innovation in our industry. We were the first to introduce many new technologies in both plastic production and vegetable seedling production. We have continued this tradition with the development of our irrigation controllers, which offer unprecedented control and precision over irrigation systems for farmers and gardeners. Our dealers strive to provide our products to as many people as possible, and we stand behind the quality of everything that we produce.

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