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-Wine Distillation Cellars
-Mushroom Rooms
-Cold rooms
-Textile Industry
-Air Conditioning Systems (Air Conditioning Systems)
-Electronic Production Facilities
-Yarn Sector
-Printing House and Paper Humidification Areas.
-It can be used to provide humidification in cheese rooms.

In Which Areas Are Humidification Systems Used?


100% Brand New

Material: Plastic

Color: Black + Grey

Hydraulic Pressure: 1.5~3 Kg

Flow Range: 7.5~8.6L/H

Spraying Radius: Approx. 0.7-0.9 meters

Overall Size: approx. 41 x 32mm/1.61" x 1.26"



Water misting sprinkler nozzle micro dripper with 4/7mm hose connector.

The sprinkler nozzle is for spraying water misting. Water saving, eco-friendly.

Apply for home gardening, public green spaces, gardening, agricultural production etc.

Plastic Misting Nozzle Greenhouse Cooling System Atomized Sprinkler


• Plastic Low Pressure Fog Misting Nozzles produce very fine fog with small droplets

• Material : PP ( Polypropylene ) Corrosion resistance and wearing resistance

•Working pressure 3~15bar

• Thread size : 1/8" Male

• Compact size, wide variety of flowrates.

• This series of misting nozzles do not need air supply,

• The system is simple; the spray mist is fine, full atomization, energy saving,

• Liquid requirements: There will be residual impurities in the liquid under high pressure, and a filter must be installed to achieve a purity similar to that of household drinking water.

General Application:

• Humidification

• Fog spraying

• Liquid spraying

• Flue gas evaporating cooling

• Artificial fog

wifi misting controller

WGTechno is your go-to source for innovative water technologies that deliver reliable, efficient results. Our misting controller is an advanced solution that measures moisture levels and provides automatic misting to maintain an ideal humidity level in any environment. Our system is designed for ease of use, with simple configuration and advanced sensors to ensure safe, targeted misting. By using WGTechno to optimize moisture levels, you can create a comfortable, healthy environment that benefits everyone. With just your mobile phone, you can customize your usage and intervene at any time

Humidification and fogging system products

8 Zone WIFI irrigation controller

Our innovative controller is designed to give you maximum control over your irrigation system and make your life easier.

Ground Cover

Ground covers are extremely flexible in application and can be used in a wide variety of landscape situations. The popular and common ground covers are used for insect protection, frost prevention, weed control, temperature control, sunlight and moisture controls.

Wifi Soil Humidity sensor

With WGTechno moisture sensors, you can avoid under-watering or overwatering, which can lead to poor plant health and crop loss.

wifi irrigation controllers

When you're tired of flowers and shrubs, do they need watering WGTechno irrigation controllers quickly help you know when you need to water your plants

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