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Wifi Soil Humidity sensor

With WGTechno moisture sensors, you can avoid under-watering or overwatering, which can lead to poor plant health and crop loss.

Our soil moisture sensors are designed to meet the needs of modern farming and gardening. We understand that different plants have different water requirements, and our sensors are configured to provide customized recommendations for irrigation based on these requirements. With our sensors, you can avoid under-watering or overwatering, which can lead to poor plant health and crop loss.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced farmer or gardener, our sensors are the ideal solution for maintaining healthy and thriving plants.

•App remote controlled,easy to set up and operate.
•Appropriate and modern mold design, accurate measurement.
•Built in photosensitive sensor at the top of light monitoring function.
•Measures soil humidity and temperature (C/F).
•Paried With water timer, efficient and accurate irigation.

WGTechno specializes in providing customers the best irrigation controller technology that is currently available in the market. Our products are designed to save you time, money, and water. Our top of the line irrigation controllers are made using the latest technology, making them durable and easy to use. Our team is dedicated to meet and exceed our customer's expectations, we ensure that every WGTechno product is of the highest quality. Trust us to provide you the best irrigation products that you deserve.

Reach New Heights 

Simple and elegant App UI, specially designed for home garden managers without redundant complex content and cumbersome page switching.

Every function is clear and programming is easy to understand, making it an ideal gift for a gardener dad.

Easy To Program

All WGTechno products have different guarantee periods

3 years guarantee

As the owner of a HomGar system, you can invite your families to control your devices

Share Control of Your HomGar Devices

The app records the device operation log and reminds you when the device is abnormal.

You can also set soil moisture insurance, when the soil sensor (not include) detects the maximum moisture you set, the water timer will be forced to close. Don't worry about coming home to find your yard flooded.

Safe and Durable

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