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smart irrigation with soil moisture sensor

WGTechno Smart Garden Irrigation System Introduction

WGTechno Smart Garden Irrigation System consists of various Garden Environment Monitoring Sensors, Weather Monitoring Sensors, Flow Meters, Irrigation Controllers, Irrigation Control Valves, Irrigation Control Pumps, Gateways, etc. After building the Smart Garden Irrigation System, users can open the Homgar App to create their own irrigation plan for different types of flowers and plants, and the system collects various environmental data, meteorological date and uploads them to the cloud platform through gateway. Based on this background data, the system can intelligently intervene to adjust watering plan according to real-time weather conditions and soil moisture levels, ensuring that each plant receives the right amount of water at the right time。

Our Smart Garden Irrigation System also has remote access control functions. Gardening enthusiasts and landscape designers can also remotely view real-time garden irrigation data, monitor the status of the irrigation system, modify irrigation plans and control equipment. Users can reduce flower maintenance workload, save water and promote healthy plant growth.

smart wifi irrigation set for gardens
Homgar smart irrigation application

The Homgar app allows you to manage and share irrigation schedules with family members. Additionally, the station records environmental data every 3 minutes and can pair up to 2 sensors, you can get smarter with your gardening by utilizing soil sensors for even more efficient watering.

smart wifi misting set
WI-FI Controlled 2-zone Tap Timer
Smart WiFi 2-Zone Sprinkler Timer

•App remote controlled.
•Build-in flow meter with leaking alert function.
•Track water flow rate.
•Review water consumption data history on APP.
•2 watering methods: lrrigation mode or Misting mode.
•Voice-controlled via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
•Automatically monitor the watering progress according to the soil temperature and humidity data after being paired with the soil sensor.
•Auto start or stop watering based on soil moisture level.
•Schedule watering plans by water usage.
•Multi-zone outlets to meet more watering needs.

WGTechno Soil Moisture Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor 

•App remote contolled,easy to set up and •operate.
•Appropriate and modern mold design,accurate measurement.
•Built in photosensitive sensor at the top of light monitoring function.
•Measures soil humidity and temperature (C/F).
•Paried With water timer, efficient and accurate irigation.

WGTechno WIFI-irrigation station
WIFI-irrigation station

•5 Vivid weather forecast icons for next 12-24 hours.
•Measures indoor humidity and temperature (℃/℉).
•3 Comfort level indication.
•Adjustable white backlight with auto dimmer function.
•Current time and calendar with weekdays in 7 languages. 
•Outdoor high and low temperature warning.
•Up to 8 sub-devices channel display.
•5 ultraviolet index level.
•Freezing point alert, low battery indicator.
•One glance of next irrigation time and last irrigation water
•One tap to manually turn on/off watering
•Temperature :-9.9℃~+50℃(14ºF~122ºF).
•Humidity : 1%RH~99%RH.
•RF Frequency: 433.92 MHz. 
•Wi-Fi Band: 2.4 GHz only.
•Powered by AC adaptor (included)or 3* AA batteries (Not included).

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